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One of the secrets in business today is that you need a logo, or a name for your business if you can't afford a logo. Also, there are a billion rules made by people who probably never ran a business who will tell you all about how you should make your logo. They use examples like Nike and AT&T, so you can tell they understand your business really well.

Anyway, when I sat down to make a logo for sucked. So I did another one. That one sucked too. Then I made a third one and it sucked and I'm using it anyway.

Seriously, though, you have to like it. Nobody else matters. Except for people that write articles about the millions of rules for creating a logo.

The truth about the MESMERO logo is that it has one job: Stand out. Everything else is secondary. Readability? Get a book. Award-winning? Join the Olympic team. Thought-provoking? Watch an independent film.

Of course, this is what I prioritized for MESMERO. What you need for your business, organization, and crime gang may be completely different.

Plus, I'm on a budget and can't afford the Nike logo designer.


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